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The Spoken Word Christian Church, Rancho Santa Margarita | We are a family based church of Christian believers worshiping together in Orange County. We meet each Sunday @ 10:00 am at 30151 Avenida de Las Banderas, Suite 100, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. 92688. We invite you and your family to come and experience God in a real way through genuine relationships with one another. (949) 322-7071

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Come and Worship with us this Sunday

July 2nd, 2017
Join us this Sunday at the Spoken Word Christian Church as we fellowship as a family in Jesus Christ. Join us before the service at 9:45 am for coffee, donuts and fellowship.

Recent Sermons

June 25, 2017 “The Privilege is Our!” 1 Peter 1:10-12

I think most people in South Orange County, CA would agree that we live in a somewhat privileged society as compared to the rest of the world. Sometimes that’s easy to forget and as a result we end up taking our good fortunes for granted. The truth can be said about our salvation in Christ. As Christian men and women, we have the ability to see how Jesus was the fulfillment of ALL of the promises spoken of by the Old Testament prophets. These were things that they longed to know and see, but that privilege was reserved for us. Are we excited about this privilege and the opportunities it affords us to know God’s one and only son, or do we take it for granted? Listen as Pastor Bob addresses this question as he dives back in to 1 Peter 1:10-12.

June 18th, 2017 “Our Spiritual Act of Worship” Hosea 13:1-6

This past weekend at church, I had the honor of presiding over a memorial service for a wonderful woman of God who went home to be with Jesus. In preparation for this service, I spoke to many of her family members. As I did so, there were a couple of themes that continued to present themselves, and they were always linked together. This woman loved Jesus, and continuously made sacrifices of herself to love others. Listen, as Pastor Bob talks about what it looks like to offer ourselves up in the same way to God, as living sacrifices.

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Pastor’s Blog

What Saul Knows …

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning I get up early to lead the various Men’s Bible Study Groups for The Spoken Word Christian Church. We were holding them at the same Denny’s restaurant each week (the are now at the Cloud Cafe) and they are always a wonderful time of fellowship among friends and brothers […]