Pastor Bob Cote on Easter Sunday

Pastor Bob Cote

My name is Bob Cote and I would like to welcome you to The Spoken Word Christian Church! Whenever I look back on my life I am truly amazed at how incredible God is. I spent nearly 30 years of my life living for all that the world had to offer, always searching for more. When I was younger I excelled in sports and even captained my college football team. I had lots of friends and as I grew older I experienced success in the corporate world, yet there was always something missing. It seemed that no matter how much I chased after the things of this world I felt empty and I couldn’t fill the void. Then in August of 1999 Jesus took hold of my heart and filled that void. My life changed dramatically as I received more love, joy and peace than I could have ever imagined. The journey that God has taken me on has now brought me to be the Pastor of The Spoken Word Christian Church.

With my wife Molly, our children Ashley and Ryan, as well as the rest of our congregation we invite you to come and experience God in a real way through genuine relationships with one another. The Spoken Word is a non-denominational Christian Church that holds the Bible to be the inerrant living word of God. We believe Jesus came to Earth and died for our sins so that through faith in Him we may live eternally in the presence of the Lord. We also believe that as a church we are here to serve others by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the natural gifts and talents that God has given us.

Please come and visit us, we would love to meet you!

Bob Cote